Wooden Fences:

Although wooden fences will require some maintenance down the track due to weathering, they definitely have their benefits. They look great, provide excellent privacy and security, and are extremely cost affective. Pinelap is just one of the many wooden fencing services which we provide. When we install pinelap we concrete in all the posts and use 3 rails – this prevents your pinelap fence from warping due to harsh weather.

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Aluminium – Colorbond:

Colorbond fencing has definitely become one of the most popular fences installed today. Now with steel plinth retaining options, it has become better than ever before.  It has a long life span, it’s cost affective & if installed correctly will last for many years to come. Colorbond is available in a range of colors & can be installed and modified in all sorts of tricky situations – It really would be one of the best products on the market today. Be wary of cheap installers, it is very easy to make mistakes with Colorbond – like leaving gaps under the fence, not put enough concrete on one side of the post, or misjudge height etc. It is imperative that you have the experience, the knowledge & the eye for every possible scenario.

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Pool – Tubular & Glass

It is extremely important that access to your pool is protected at all times. Legislation requires you to have a child-resistant barrier around your pool, as this will protect any children or pets who live close by. We offer a complete range of pool safe fences including Tubular, Brushwood, Glass & more!

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Natural Brushwood Fencing – New & Repairs:

Construction is robust, strong and long-lasting. Galvanised steel posts are first concreted into the ground, the Brush is then tightly packed and woven between retaining wires so that the frame is completely hidden. The result is a natural timber screen which blends in with it’s surroundings – for a relaxing and private outdoor living

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Old Fence Removal:

Sick of looking at that old fence and wishing you had a new one? We will not only build you a beautiful new fence, but we can also get rid of the old one for you.

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